Fákur First sadel


Fákur first is a new innovative saddle from Fákur. It is made in collaboration with many different riders and our dealers who have tried the saddle and commented on it so the end result was as good as possible.
Seat and knee pads with extra latex for added comfort. Additionally, the leather in a soft calf leather quality providing optimum grip.
Saddle panels have been installed so as to give the greatest possible support surface. The chamber is wide.
Fákur First is iwith changeable gullets. One can easily do it yourself and there are 7 different sizes
The saddletree is flexible and adapts to many types of horses. It provides a good freedom so the the horse is able to develop and move optimally.
The seat's deepest point is of course in the middle so the saddle and rider is in balance while riding.
Fákur First is a single-layer saddle where you get a close contact with the horse and therefore may interact more with less helpers.
A 2-year full warranty on the saddle and 5 year warranty on the saddletree 
Available in 16 ", 16½", 17 "or 17½".